Hi There and thanks for looking, I have quite a bit of Camera Equipment up for sale so please feel free to have a browse, most items will get listed in eBay but do contact me direct if you would like more information or purchase privately

PENTAX K20D (Now for sale at Ffordes)

This Camera is nearly mint, and has been really taken care off

There are nearly 11,000 shutter actuations so there is a huge amount of life left in the camera

This Camera has been faultless with all updates done

The camera comes in all the original packaging as you will see by the photos

Now just a couple of things I need to point out as I do like to be as honest as I can

The eye piece is starting to tear slightly so I'll replace this and include it with the camera before I send it

There are slight marks on the screen at the back of the camera, just with buttons etc

apart from that it's in really good nick

I will include the spare Battery with the Camera, both Batteries are in very good condition, so you are not getting old duds!!

To see what this camera can do, if you look at the pictures on this site 98% have been taken with this camera







Next up we have Lenses and Filters

Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG Macro (Now for sale at Ffordes)

This has been such a good lens to have, it is also near mint condition with no marks to the lens front or rear, to see the pictures of what this lens does you could nearly look at 80% of this website and see what it can do

I will include the 82mm UV filter to protect the front of the lens

All original bags and boxes etc complete


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Our last in this batch of Lenses is quite a remarkable lens -

Sigma 70-300mm F4.0/5.6 Macro (Now for sale at Ffordes)

Not an expensive lens but never the less a really good buy, once again in mint condition but I only have the original bag/cover it came in

I will include a Kood Polarizer and a Cokin A filter ring

Outstanding performance for such a cheap lens

Have a look at the Scarborough Night time panorama OR the Moon shots, they were all taken with this lens







Right then, lets have a look at some more Filters and Triggers -

82mm Circular Polarizer Filter & 8 Point Star Burst

Both very clean with original cases