Hi There, I have up for sale some very nice items, and a great time to get the equipment in before the christmas rush starts

This is a rough run down of whats coming up for sale -

3 phase Mains cable 10m

3phase Distro and 15Kw Dimmer

63a-32a changer

32a Single Phase Mains Cable 12m


Socapex 10m

Socapex 20m

50m 0-10v Cable on Drum

50m DMX Cable on Drum

Behringer Digital Lighting Desk 24ch

Ho7 CEEFORM male to Female Theatre Conn’s – 12 x 5m, 3 x 10m, 3 x 15m

Ho7 CEEFORM Y Splitters x 10

Socapex to 6 CEEFORM Female Distro Box x 2

CEEFORM Male to 6 x CEEFORM Female

50mm Wide Ratchet Straps x 2 approx 10m Length (specially Made Black Theatre edition) for tying down the speaker stacks as they tended to fly off all over the place because of the vibration

2 x Trip Signs

Assorted Rubber Matting (for cable walkover)

2 x 50m Extensions

Various Trailer boards with 13a Plug tops or CEFORM Termination

1 x Wheeled Lighting trunk (diamond Board) approx 6ft long 2.5ft high, foam lined

2 x Power Drive Wind up stands

2 x black 3m Lighting Stands

2 x Silver 3m Lighting Stands

2 x 50mm Par Bar Clamps (For fixing Bars to truss)

2 x 2.2m Flame Lights

1 x 4ch 8kw Dimmer

4 x 250w DMX Colour Changers

4 x 250w DMX Pan & Tilt Mirrors

2 x Flight Cases approx the size of a very large suit case

12 x Chrome Par 64s

4 x Chrome Floor Cans (Par 64s)

Ryger 8ch Disco Light Controller (4ch for Flashy Disco Lights, 4ch for static effects)

Allen & Heath GL2000 14-4-2 Desk

Soundcraft 24-4-2 Live 4/2


Bass Bins 1000w RMS 1x 18" Grey Carpet Covered Trapazoidal

Yamaha Graphics x4

Monitor/Sub Bass Rack 2x Citronic PPX900