Well it's here at long last, the launch of our brand new competition MICRO MYSTERY

And for this month we have a choice of some fantastic prizes, but first what is Pure Pic’s MICRO MYSTERY? Well… after being fascinated with Macro photography I then realised you could even go as low as Micro Photography which is very small indeed, but when I showed all my family and friends the results they could not believe that that’s what normal house hold items would look like up close which gave me the eureka moment! And that’s where you come in, if you can guess what it is you can win one out of three great prizes.

So how do I take part?

Easy, either go to Facebook/purepic or Twitter/purepicuk and you can enter from there for free no catches, the answers will be posted here on the website after the 21st of the month so you can find out what the answer is and then a brand new MICRO MYSTERY will then commence on the 1st of the next month and so it will continue until my camera breaks or I run out of things to take pictures of

Forward the links to friends or family, and post as many answers as you like, if more than one person gets the right answer then the names will be put into a hat and drawn out fairly, you’ll know you’ve won as I’ll get back to you within a couple of days and then you can choose your prize but do read our Terms and Conditions in case your not clear on something

Now check Facebook or Twitter on the 1st of November and get guessing, you'll love it!

Oh! and before I forget, check back here around the 21st of November to see if you were right and see the full size image.

21st of November already and we need to get ourselves a winner, so a reminder of the picture

Micro Mystery November 2011

SO are you ready to see the answer??

Micro Mystery Answer November 2011

I was a Yellow Paper Clip, and well done to Paul Hopps who got the answer Correct

So stand by for a new Pure Pic MICRO MYSTERY which will be on Facebook on the 1st of December


December has nearly come and gone and another Micro Mystery was in place on Facebook, but how did you fair? SO let's have another look at the picture

 Micro Mystery December 2011

Have you any ideas yet??? Lets see the answer -

Micro Mystery December Answer 2011

It was in fact, a coffee bean :o)

SO off to January we go and a brand new Micro Mystery will be on Facebook