Pure Pic Photography | Restoration


Restoration of Photographs can be a very long a laborious task depending on the state of the original picture and also how perfect it needs to be

But we have perfected this role in rejuvenation to great success with a minimal cost outlay

SO once again in the tradition of Pure Pic “You only pay for what you need” we charge £10 per hour for restoration and then it’s the price of the picture on top, so you could easily have a treasured memory of family or friends restored and Mounted for as little as £19.99, and that’s with a 30 year guarantee on all Pure Pic Direct Work

Get in contact using the contacts page

All pictures received can be sent via email or sent via post, the cost of return is included in the price

Now although we can nearly work miracles as you can see from the examples above, its sometimes impossible to have your picture in exactly the way you may wish due to the type and condition of the picture, so we would advise you on what can be done with your picture and if you are not happy you don’t need to pay a thing.